Acupuncture uses the placement of ultra thin sterile needles on energetic points on your body. They stimulate the body, increase circulation and activate immune cells to reduce inflammation. It is helpful in reducing pain, improving digestion, balancing hormones and calming the mind.


Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is a science based and uniquely progressive way to look at the body. It is a holistic style medicine, meaning it treats the whole body and it does not put its focus on covering up symptoms with medications. Its goal is to investigate into the cause of disease by using in depth laboratory testing, thorough health assessments and exams to determine where your physiology may not be working efficiently and why it may have become disrupted to begin with. Treatment focuses on a combination of nutritional and life style recommendations that are designed to correct and enhance these normal physiological functions, therefore improving health. 


Herbal Medicine / Nutritional Supplements

We use herbal medicine formulations from both eastern and western traditions. The ancient practice of herbal medicine, from all over the world, is still practiced today because of the effectiveness of these powerful medicines. These can be used to treat both chronic and acute conditions as a stand alone or as part of the holistic care you receive at your other appointments.

Nutritional supplements are helpful in filling the void that a less then perfect diet and poor quality food supply leave behind. These micro nutrients are helpful in supporting the bodies normal everyday function and providing adequate, bio-available sources may help support those systems in the body function optimally.



As part of your acupuncture session, experience therapeutic targeted massage designed to enhance your treatment to better achieve your health goals.


Cupping and Gua Sha

These ancient Chinese medicine techniques are used as a adjunct to acupuncture treatments. There benefits can be experienced by everyone, although they have been made recently popular by Olympic athletes and movie stars. These are invigorating myo-fascia release techniques that have the added benefit of detoxification and immune stimulation.

Nutritional Counseling

There is a lot of disinformation available about what is good and bad to eat. Generalized counseling may be given to clarify any questions or concerns that you may have in regards to eating healthy and to support your personal needs. Also, Functional medicine appointments can be made to provide a thorough eating plan designed with you in mind. In addition, there are options for targeted dietary treatments such as anti inflammatory, detox, metabolic enhancement, blood sugar balance and gastro intestinal repair.